Carbon Offset Providers Coalition

Carbon Offsets as a Tool for Climate Change Policy:
A Workshop Examining Their Role

October 24, 2007, Sacramento, California

Jointly sponsored by the COPC, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and the Silicon valley Leadership Group

Agenda (PDF)

Session 1: Introduction - What is an Offset?

Carbon Offsets - PG&E ClimateSmart (Robert Parkhurst [bio], PG&E ClimateSmart)

Reframing Offsets: Effective Production of Emissions Reduction Resources (John Shinn [bio], Chevron)

Carbon Credits Produce Revenues for California Farmers (Derek Six, Environmental Credit Corp.)

Carbon Offsets - An Aggregator's Perspective (Roger Williams [bio], Blue Source)

Session 2: Economic Impact of Offsets

AB 32, Carbon Markets and Carbon Policy (Joe Nation, ENVIRON International)

Forests, Climate and CCAR: The Van Eck Project (Michelle Passero, The Pacific Forest Trust)

Economics of Offsets (Frank Harris, Environmental Economist)

Session 3: Offsets and Environmental Integrity

Carbon Offsets at Yahoo! (Christina Page, Yahoo! Inc.)

Environmental Integrity of Carbon Offsets (Einar Telnes, Kolibri Group Management U.S., Inc.)

Carbon Offsets and Environmental Integrity (Joel Levin, California Climate Action Registry)

Session 4: Offsets and Market Mechanisms

The Business of Offsets (Marc Stuart, EcoSecurities)

A Green Thumb for the Invisible Hand (Ricardo Bayon, Ecosystem Marketplace)